Youth Travel Fund (YTF)

For FEBS practical courses there are Youth Travel Fund (YTF) grants available for PhD students and young postdoctoral scientists for participation.
These grants have a maximum of €500 per person to support partial the registration fee.

The eligibility criteria are the following; the applicant should:

  • not be older than 35 years
  • be registered as a PhD student at an institute of higher learning in a country where there is a FEBS Constituent Society or a post-doc within five years of having completed a PhD;
  • be a member of a FEBS Constituent Society;
  • not have received a YTF grant in 2015 and 2016.

PhD students and post-docs interested to apply for a YTF grant need first to send their registration forms (see below) before June 1, 2016.

Please, send evidence of the above mentioned criteria with your registration form with our upload tool.

Two weeks later, a decision will be taken. 


For more information, please go to: Youth Travel Fund guidelines (YTF).